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AGM Overview

2023 AGM Notice

Notice of the Annual General Meeting for the Pedal Power Association is hereby given. Below further details regarding the AGM.

DATE: Thursday, 21 September 2023 

TIME: 18h00

RSVP: Click here to register


The AGM will be a virtual meeting and members will be invited to attend electronically. If anyone cannot access the virtual platform, please contact us. The Pedal Power Association will host the meeting using Zoom which will allow participants to connect remotely. Please Click Here to register to attend the AGM. Please note that you must be a paid-up Pedal Power Association member to attend the AGM. 
If you have any questions to put forward to the Committee, please send them to by Monday, 18 September 2023. We will then address these questions either beforehand if of a specific nature, or, if of a general nature, to obtain the relevant facts in time for the meeting.



  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Adoption of minutes of previous AGM
  4. CEO's report
  5. Election of Executive Committee members
  6. Chairman’s report
  7. Treasurer’s report
  8. Consideration and adoption of motions concerning the affairs of the Association of which due notice has been given
  9. Any other business


NOTES for point 8 above: 

Proposed Change to the PPA Constitution in order allow for Section 18A status


We would like to propose that certain parts of our constitution be amended to allow the Association to issue 18A certificates pending approval from SARS. Click here to review the proposed amendments to the PPA constitution as highlighted in red. 

EXCO Committee nominations


There are six positions on the committee that need to be filled. In terms of clause 4.2 of the PPA Constitution, nomination of candidates for election to the Executive Committee shall be in writing, signed by the member as well as the proposer (both being paid-up members of the Association) and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate nominated, to be emailed to no later than 16h00 on Thursday, 14 September 2023. Only paid-up members of the Association may vote at the AGM in terms of clause 4.2.1 of the PPA constitution.


However, we urge members to submit nominations soonest so that they can be uploaded to the PPA website prior to the meeting, giving members sufficient time to consider such applications to the Committee. Nomination forms are available upon request from The Chairman of the meeting may, in his sole discretion, allow nominees to the Committee to consent to their nomination at the meeting itself, if, in his opinion, there are special grounds therefore and provided the nomination was received timeously. This means that the chairman cannot accept a late nomination, only a late consent to a nomination. Voting cannot be done by proxy.


Here is an overview of what is expected of a PPA Executive Committee member:

•    Be a paid up PPA member; 
•    Have a full understanding of the PPA constitution;
•    Understand and accept the fiduciary responsibilities and duties required of a member of a governing body;
•    Have a good working knowledge of the broad cycling environment;
•    Possess a skill or qualification that can be used to the benefit of the cycling community at large and give input into creative ways to improve the environment for cycling;
•    Be willing to serve for a term of two years;
•    Be able to attend approximately 7 PPA meetings (after hours) per annum and attend at least 1 full day strategic review session and attend a few virtual meetings as and when required;
•    Be willing to serve on a subcommittee focussing on a particular aspect or initiative of PPA’s focus areas; and
•    Accept that this is a voluntary position with no form of financial payment

Nominations for Executive Committee (2023 - 2025)

Madele Van Heerden

Membership No: 290127
Nominated by John Gale

"Having served on the committee for the past two years, I have a better understanding of the history and relationships with various stakeholders and will be able to ask more relevant and constructive questions. Being a CA(SA) – aid and guide with implementing structure and governance of the association and assist in prioritising focus points. Support the current treasurer with his duties in overlooking the finances especially in this tough economic environment. Potentially take over from treasurer to relief him from reporting duties for him to focus on other strategic points. Focus on promoting cycling amongst the average working women. Creating environment where women can feel safe and comfortable and create a community of women’s cyclists. Ensuring necessary facilities to cater for women’s needs at events. Organizing and scheduling “busses” especially for women to ride together from various pick-up points.I am already involved with the ILOVEBOOBIES non-profit organisation which promotes cycling and cycling apparel for a good cause. Potential synergies exist between the two organisations which can be explored."


Steve Hayward

Membership No: 47950
Nominated by Gordon Laing

“As PPA broadens its focus my past experience and knowledge of linked with my absolute passion for cycling will add tremendous value to PPA. It would enable me to both give input into and support EXCO to continue to fulfil our mandate and commitment to both our members and cycling in general.”


Gordon Laing

Gordon Laing
Membership No: 29206
Nominated by John Gale

"I would continue building on the advocacy work being done by PPA and focus on the role that cycling can and should be playing as an extremely important part of transport for all our cities and towns. This because it should be an affordable, safe and convenient form of transport for everyone and our roads should be safe for anyone who wishes to cycle."


David Bellairs

David Bellairs
Membership No: 16699
Nominated by Christopher Bellairs

"Passionate about the Cape Town Cycle Tour and cycling promotion and have served on the PPA Committee for over 30 years. Promote PPA"